TP-Link wr1043nd + DD-WRT build 14896 = Memory Leak [Solved]

There appears to be a pretty nasty memory bug when using DD-WRT build 14896 on a TP-Link WR1043ND router. From the Cacti graphs below it clearly shows a sudden drop off in available memory, then after a reboot things get cleared up again.

Seems others have had similar issues.

I intend to try the BrainSlayer r20675 release to see if that resolves the issue – and will report back.




[Update 14-Mar-2013]
Confirmed the BrainSlayer r20675 release firmware did the trick! Here are some new graphs showing no downtime with no complete memory drop-outs over 2 days with very high numbers of connected clients:


6 thoughts on “TP-Link wr1043nd + DD-WRT build 14896 = Memory Leak [Solved]”

  1. What is the serial number of your router? is it 11xxxxxx, 12xxxxx or some other series?

    Did you have wifi issues while running ddwrt?

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