Excel tip: Sum of visible filtered rows

I am a big fan of the MS Excel AutoFilter feature, and use it extensively. Every now and then I’m wished that there was some function within Excel to do a SUM function, but only on the rows that are visible as a result of the AutoFilter… well few minutes on Google and a found it.

Use the subtotal function with the relevant function_num, for addition I used 109. For example: =SUBTOTAL(109, A1:A1000)

Syntax: SUBTOTAL(function_num, ref1, ref2, …)

(includes hidden values)
(ignores hidden values)
2 102 COUNT
3 103 COUNTA
4 104 MAX
5 105 MIN
7 107 STDEV
8 108 STDEVP
9 109 SUM
10 110 VAR
11 111 VAR

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