Removing a colon : from a Windows directory


Ok, so check this out… I somehow got a colon (:) in a directory folder name on my Windows 7 RC1 box. Why do I care you ask? because I could not access the folder’s contents, as colon in Windows is reserved for device names, such as disk partitions C:,D: etc.

Windows - Colon in directory name

Windows would not allow be to rename, delete, move this folder. If I executed a DIR /X, which shows legacy 8 character MS-DOS directory names, it came up without a short name – not good. I can only imagine that this directory name was created  by one of the MP3 tagging tools I’ve used, which may use a non-standard API call for creation of the directory.


After trying a bunch of things under the Windows environment I gave up and brought out the big guns… Went to and downloaded the latest ISO image and burnt it to CD. I booted up of on the live CD, and simply went into the default file manager app and renamed the folder. Done.

Ubuntu saves that day!

P.S. Don’t laugh too hard at the unfortunate example of my music collection… this album is often played in our bedroom after a long day to help put us to sleep… it does the job well!

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