DD-WRT executing system commands remotely using cURL

What you need:

1. A router loaded with DD-WRT.
2. cURL – http://curl.haxx.se/ (Windows users may be able to get a precompiled binary with this google search query)
3. The IP address of your router (default is usually
4. The Web GUI username & password of your router.

Here’s is the syntax, just replace the information in red (Note that spaces in your system command must be replaced with + signs):

curl -d "submit_button=Ping&action=ApplyTake&submit_type=start&change_action=gozila_cgi&next_page=Diagnostics.asp&ping_ip=your+system+command" -u username:password

Here is an example to add a static route, using the typical username/password combination:

curl -d "submit_button=Ping&action=ApplyTake&submit_type=start&change_action=gozila_cgi&next_page=Diagnostics.asp&ping_ip=route+add+-net+" -u admin:admin