Vignettr ‚Äď v1.3 ‚Äď Live on app store

Yes, another update to Vignettr is out! v1.3.

The main addition to v1.3 is presets. As an avid user of Vignettr myself I’ve found that I have a couple of combinations of effects that I reuse often and thought it’d be great if I packaged up some of those into presets where with a quick tap of the preset it does all the adjustments for me. So thats what I did. In this version I’ve included 4 presets:


1) Noir: A high contrast monochrome output, much like the Nior style films.
2) Semi-Desat: A med contrast partial desaturation of the image, with a bit of vignette and ND grad filter applied for good measure.
3) Vegetable Lasagne: A warming, partially vintage tone.
4) Yesterday: A low contrast, light orange tinting to give a look much like film camera’s of the 70’s.


With all of these presets, once they have been applied that does not stop from you from tweaking each of the usual adjustments (vignette, luminance etc).

The other change is to the user interface… nothing drastic, but some improvements I feel make the app easier to use and more pleasing to the eye. Credit to Patrick Hoesly on flickr for the use of one of his many amazing textures as the backdrop in both the iPhone and iPad versions of Vignettr.


Vignettr – v1.2 – Live on app store

Hi All,
Vignettr 1.2 has just been approved and is now live on the app store.

This version introduces the following new features:

Tint Adjustments

Choose a colour from the palette and apply a tint to the image. The tint can be used to warm or cool and image – or give a bold colour tint. If a white colour is selected for the tint it allows you to progressively desaturate your image depending on the intensity applied.

Screen shot:

Swipe gestures

Using the typical swipe gesture to cycle between the available adjustment modes (Vignette, ND Grad, Letterbox, Luminance and Tint). The swipe can be used in both a left to right and right to left motion.

Vignettr: First review is out

Happy to report that Vignettr has gotten it’s first online hands-on review.

The author from i comme Photo, Le blog de l’iphoneographie contacted me to perform a review.¬†Google translates the name of the blog to “i like photo, The blog iphoneographie”, and looking through the site it¬†definitely¬†seemed like Vignettr would be in good company there. Of course,¬†I was more than happy to oblige.

Scored a decent 4 out of 5. Pretty happy with that. Read for the review yourself in English (translated) or native French.

Suggest that anyone that’s into iphoneography or digital toy camera effects keep an eye on the blog. You can add the RSS feed to Google Reader and get it to auto translate.

Vignettr: Live on app store!

The journey of working on Vignettr on and off for a couple months has reached a major milestone – Version 1 is now available on the app store!

As a keen amateur photographer, I wanted to make app with some of the functions that I personally love within full featured photography work-flow products, like Adobe Lightroom. I aimed to take some of my favourites and make them accessible and easy to use on these portable devices we carry with us every day and make it quick and easy to make appealing enhancements to photos we take on the go.
In the development, the number one design principle for me was to keep the focus of the
users attention on the photo itself, and do my best not to distract with too many or overly complex user interface elements.

Here’s¬†what’s¬†inside Version 1:


This was obviously the source of the app name, and a technique if used on the right image can create some great results. Typically the idea of a vignette effect is to draw the viewers eye towards the subject of the image by darking the image at the edges in a radial gradient fashion. Vignetting is actually an optic flaw that is¬†prevalent¬†in older cameras, and gives a “retro” look and feel.

The app allows you to control the size and intensity of this effect.

Here is an example of some exaggerated vignetting (click for larger size):
Khai Island, Thailand

ND Grad Filter

Due to the limited Dynamic Range of cameras you’ll often find a situation where in a landscape type photo for example that the foreground of beach, water, mountains etc look good – but the sky is far less blue (or often near white) in the photo compared to what it actually was. The ND Grad filter effect darkens the image gradually from top to bottom which helps to bring out the saturation in the sky.

The app allows you to control the size (top to bottom) and intensity of this effect.

Here is an example, notice the detail and saturation in the sky (click for larger size):
Addo elephant park

Letterboxing / Border

Letterboxing is an effect often used by photographers to give a cinematic feel to their shots. The idea is you add a band of band to the top and bottom of the image, and less typically on the left and right sides. This same tool in Vignettr can be used to create a basic black border around the image.

The app will allow you to either manipulate the size of the typical letterboxing, or the left and right sides – or you can lock the effect to apply a basic border to the image to the size you prefer.

Here is an example of typical letterboxing (click for larger size):
The stripped donkeys


This luminance tool allows you to change the brightness and contrast to you images. This may sound rather predestration, but correctly adjusting the exposure (brightness) and black-point (contrast) of your images can often enhance or add an appealing tonal quality to your image.

Some technical info:

  • The app will run on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad (iPhone compatiablity mode).
  • As you move the controls to manipulate the effect it will dynamically update the effect, except in the case of the older iPhone 3G and the 1st gen iPod touch
  • In most cases you’ll be able to save the manipulated image at it’s original resolution, up to the following limits:
    • iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 1st Gen: 1600px
    • iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 2nd Gen: 2048px
    • iPhone 4, iPad, iPod Touch 3rd Gen: 2592px
  • Vignettr once had a different name but that’s a¬†different story.

Vignettr is on twitter, please do follow for updates, sample shots and use it as a channel for feature requests, bug reports.