“Windows Live Support” – Scam

The other day I received a random call on my home line, when I answered I heard a guy within an Indian accent stating that he was from “Windows Live Support” and that “they had detected some ‘activity’ from my Windows computer”. He was able to address me by my full name, which was concerning at first. Almost immediately I was picking up on some cues that made me rather certain that this was a scam, but I thought I’d play along to see where this goes.

He asked if I was “authorized” to use this computer, which I found a bit of an odd question.. like they’d care if I was… Anyways he proceeded to ask be to start-up the computer and let him know once ready. During the boot up process I could clearly hear that we was in a very busy call centre, and I could hear many other Indian accent voices in the background going through the same process with other potential victims. Sounded like a large operation.

Once the computer was booted up I announced to him that I was ready to proceed.

Directs me to press Windows key + R to bring up the run box, then get Event Viewer open by issuing the “eventvwr” command. In Event viewer he directed me to the “Application” log and asked me to estimate how many red error entries I see… I response “about 50”, and he proceeds to say (in a very scripted fashion)… “Oh! my goodness! your machine is very badly infected and it’s going to break my Mother Operating System” LOL!… I continue to play along. Next up was the “System” log and he again asks that I estimate the quantity of red errors, this time I respond “about 30”, and in exactly the same scripted sentence he says “Oh! my goodness! you’re machine is very badly infected and it’s going to break my Mother Operating System”, by this stage I’m constantly going on mute to have a good laugh, then get my composure and return to the call. I acted like a real sap and agreed with him that my machine must be very badly infected. At each step I pretended to be a computer novice, saying things like “what is the Windows key??”

Next up, it’s back to the “Run” box and this time I need to type “prefetch”. Similar to previous, this time he wanted to know how many files are being displayed… I say “about 20”, then comes the scripted response again: “Oh! my goodness! you’re machine is very badly infected and it’s going to break my Mother Operating System”. This time he adds that I have “Spyware” on my machine, and asks me if I know what it is… I say “no”, then he proceeds to explain that “Spyware is like a Terrorist on your computer”. LOL!

After this he reads be a number: “80041820” and tells me if I see this somewhere then it’s a bad thing..

Next stop, Right-click My Computer, then go Manage. Then he proceeded to direct me to an area in the ‘Manage’ box that I’ve never had the occasion to use: Index Service -> Query the Catalog. He has me search for “Software Security Services”, which by no surprise gives a result that the services does not exist and a magic error code comes up….. yes, “80041820”. He tells me to compare the error code to the code he gave previously, and I agreed with him that they are the same, then proceeds to summarize everything that has happened and to finally convince me that my machine is boned. So far this has taken a good 20 mins. 20mins spent on building my confidence, impressive.

Now, he directs be to go to the Run box and type in http://www.support.me – at this point I was not willing to play along further, who knows what’s going on at this site. So instead I decide to figure out what exact information to they have on me, I tell him that I not willing to proceed until he provide some key information about me. He proceeds to read out my full name, phone number (duh!) and physical address… not cool. I press him to provide an identity number for me. He just keeps dodging the question – good thing so I gather that was the extent of the information they had. At this point I tell the guy that I think this is a spam, which he denies with the lame response “How could we use the Windows name in our company name if we where not a Microsoft partner”. Funny. He realizes that he’s not getting very far with me, so hands me to his very well spoken supervisor “Chris”. Chris tries to reassure me that all is good and that I should proceed. I tell him I will not proceed, and he gets rather aggressive asking “Why would I not want to fix my infected computer??!!”. I ask where they are located, he responds: “London”, then if I asked him if he is aware of the DNC (Do Not Call) list law in UK?, he says “Yes”, I say put me on it, then hang up. Like a scam operation would actually adhere to that law, but anyway.

Armed with all this information, I started to do some Googling and found that many people have received such calls. The end game that is operation aims for is to persuade you to purchase some software to “clean up” your machine.

This operation seemed large and pretty well-organized, and it was amazed that they were willing to spend upward of 20 minutes with me on the phone just to build trust/confidence.

Check out this hilarious YouTube video, where I guy recorded some of this:

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  1. mmm think this script may be useful on next Sev 1 call… or justification for change!

    What happens if I reject this?

    Oh my god.. that will be very bad..

    1. I just got the same call yesterday but the Indian man said he was calling from Nevada. He told me my computer was infected. He knew my name, address and tried to ramble offmy computer registration number. He seemed a little believable but I told him my computer was running fine. I asked him how in the world he would know that something was wrong with my computer? He rambled on something….and said that 65% of Windows users were infected. He gave me his address and phone number. I told him I would have to call him back because I had to check this out before I did anything. I figured it was a scam. I hung up and did some research on the computer to find this was definitely a scam. My suspicions were confirmed. I called him back and screamed at him and told him I know this is a scam and never to call me again. He said I can’t make you fix this problem! I said, “Your right you scammer! and hung up. DONT FALL FOR THIS!!!!!!

      1. I’m afraid this warning came a little late for me as I received the very same call yesterday, I did everything as described by Darran but what I did wrong was give them my bank information. They rang me back again this morning but I was ready now for them and told them to send everything to me in writing in which case they were not willing to do so. I told him what business is it of his whether my computer breaks down after buying it and they were nothing but scammers. I to;d him if they call me again I would notify the police

      2. YUP! just got this call! I knew when he mentioned he was calling form ‘windows live support’ he was full of it! Like Windows really cares enough to call all of their customers with a ‘virus.’ I asked him when did ‘windows’ start calling their customers to help them clear a virus. He answered very annoyed and yelling. I have NO idea what he said since I couldn’t understand a word he said. He yelled and then hung up. I googled windows live support and found this site along with plenty others. smh

    2. Oh my – I just got the same call – I’m in Canada….an Indian guy I could barely understand initially chatted and then put his supervisor on the phone because I had too many questions on how they got my information…..the supervisor went through the same stuff with the event viewer and told me how badly infected my computer was with bad files and malicious files (???) he got me to a website called http://www.showmypc.com – I abruptly hung up and he called back 3 x …. even left a message with a # – the telephone number he left is from the Toronto area code…..I’m about an hour drive away from there……didn’t buy it for very long but they were pretty convincing at first…..grrrrrr……funny thing was I could hear a ton of East Indians in the background yelling on the phone…..and even made a comment about it!!! Ridiculous scam…….hope people realize that it’s a definite scam!!!

    3. I just received the “Call” didn’t trust her from the get go – I said I don’t feel comfortable with this and she could call me back once I investigate this – I then saw this You Tube video and it was the Indian woman with the same voice. She told me she was from London ! Oh Brother! Don’t ever take an anonymous call from someone who tells you to do something with your computer !!!!

    4. I got one of these calls..had trouble understanding what he was saying..but thanks to this page being found when he told me to go to http://www.windowslivesuppport.com I did not get caught in this scam…I told him I was reading this call was a scam he said noooo it was not iask for his name and his manager’s name and phone number,,,,,Name Alex Tudder…supervisor name Max Johnson…at 718-295-7766….Don’t get caught in this scan…and btw the error messages he says your systemis showing is on there but it is suppose to be there..don’t panic

    5. I got a similar call from a guy with an indian accent claiming to be from usa texas. Refused to provide the actual; business address or phone number. wanted access to my PC to speed it up!
      Worrying how he had a number which either was my pc id number or similar to it.

    6. i told him go himself. he then, 5 minutes later, called my wife and siad that i was verbally abusing him. it was quite funny.

  2. 20 minutes to sell $40 worth of worthless software = $60 per hour. Not bad for a third world country.

  3. hi darran,

    WOW!!! same exact scenario but the difference is we’re in Singapore. A guy with Indian accent introduced himself as windows live staff from Australia. My wife got the call and luckily she was able to fend off the attacker.

    To others out there, please be careful with such people!


    1. yep me too silly me almost believed him I was on the dam phone for 49 mins , he wanted me to buy a plan 89.00 dollars 199.00. 249.00 399.00 he was quiet pushy when I told him I had no money this week I do but woke up to him thought I might of been played for as I had a call to this about a year ago and just like this call right at the end they tell you you have to pay for some thing . Lucky I didn’t let him give me a code I did that last time before realizing . boy they make me angry but now more knowledgeable

  4. Adrian –

    I’m in Singapore too… so looks like we got the same call. If you’re on twitter please gimme your id, I’m @d_b and @Vignettr (my iOS app).


  5. Just got the call here in Canada.
    Yeah, played along for a while and when I told him he was full of shite and this was one of the worst cold call scams I have ever heard, he got all upset at me 🙂

  6. Same here. Apaprently I have downloaded some infected files. She was very nonplussed when I said my computer was a Mac. She insisted I must have a Windows laptop and I said no and she finally gave up.

  7. I recieved the same call, the only difference is I’m in Singapore tho. I recieved the call on 2nd of June. I played along for a while, in the end, I told him I only have a Mac. lol

  8. just got the call, from SG too. the same guy with the Indian accent. lol.
    It is obvious that it is a scam but I also played along for quite a well as I am really curious to how they get the information.
    my guess is that the information is taken from the telephone book.

  9. Hi Darran,

    Sorry just saw you message today. hehehe dont have a twitter account, well they called again and keep on insisting to download some stuffs. just told them to stop calling me and I bang the phone on the table. hahaha hope they ears bleeded 😛

  10. Oh I don’t feel so alone now.
    East indian accent name “Roger” telephone # 253 802 0308 I couldn’t possibly call him back coz he was on a satellite connection (alarm bells!!). Employee no. Z2-P71. I stupidly downloaded AMMY_ADMIN[1].EXE-025558B5.pf (stored in Prefetch file). Calling me out of VANCOUVER. (lots of east indian accents in the background). The only time he was not accommodating with careful spelling was when I asked for the company name I understood only certain parts BEC—-friend.com 24×37??? I may be completely off base because he said it so fast.
    He kept telling me he was a Windows rep and my answer was that I was the Queen of England living in Buckingham Palace in Canada!
    The second time he called me back I could not possibly repeat the diatribe other than he was lower than scum of the earth. I didn’t even realize how foul my mouth could be. Next time he calls I am screaming at the top of my lungs down the phone! wanted me to spend $154.00CDN on software! I really want to swear again so I’ll just add my comment!

  11. My little brother was complaining about having viruses today, so I interrogated him. Turns out the Indians on the phone gave him a virus, (He believed that it was legit) but they weren’t able to get money out of him because he’s cheap. Haha. Tomorrow I have to go over and get rid of it *sigh*. However, this is in Connecticut, US! Kinda angers me.

  12. Hi Darran,
    Just had this team call me a few times, I lost it on the girl today saying please STOP calling, then spoke to the mgr, asking him to stop too, They insisted that I must fix it immediately as the “malicious” viruses were very dangerous. I have to hand it to you – you are sooo funny when you are talking to her (I was just bitchy – oops) next time, I might just play along too, and see if I can waste as much of their time as they have wasted of mine! I did enjoy your you tube clip though – thanks! LOL

  13. Hi Darran,
    I just got call from them. They changed thier name now: Windows Online Support. Also, they have their website; www.(their company name).com
    Fortunately, I was using my company’s computer in which just reinstalled all programs and I knew there was no infection when they called me.
    Indian accent guy, Mike, and his supervisor, Dave, tried to have me purchase their service. When I aske Dave to tell me their contact information to call them back later after I get the authrization from my boss. They hung up. Because of your website, I could knew they were truely scam. Thanks.

  14. Wow. I just got this call. I kept dodging him and each time he called back it was from a diff location. First NJ, then CA, then the British Virgin Islands.


  15. Now they’re calling from a number with a 999 area code. I answered to see what they wanted-i’m bored. I went to their website and then asked how my computer was sending them messages. They hung up and ruined all of my fun.

  16. This call came to me in Alberta. I stupidly allowed them to take remote access of my computer, but by the end of the call (26 min later) I realized this was a scam. Their website windows online support seemed so legit. It creeps me out that I allowed him to take over my computer. Can he done more than see what icons I have on my desktop?

  17. Westmeath, Ireland

    Hi, just read through all the earlier messages and I got caught out today as well although usually I don’t get taken in that easily – tended to believe them especially after one of them showed me the error messages. He had remote access of my laptop but after 25 mins, I reckoned it was a scam and hung up the phone and shut down the laptop. I’m just wondering – what do I need to do next, get someone to have a look at it. What kind of damage can they do?

  18. I just received a call from the guy in US telling that my laptop has an error
    and sending error msgs. i just read d msgs above n disconnected his phone.

  19. The same happend to me today in the Netherlands. This was the second time they called.
    First time I was able to find the number they where calling from, but this time they were calling from a hidden number.

    It seems like they are evolving..who knows into what 😮

  20. Got the same call today, and played along until he wanted to let melog onto http://www.support.me. Then I asked him to provide with his “Microsoft ID number” and his “Authorization code” to alter my records. Strangely, my phone went silent after this . . .

  21. I got a similar call some months ago & when he wanted me to give him access to my computer (hook them up online) I said, “Are you kidding me!!!?? Do you really think I’m going to let some perfect stranger have access to my computer???” And that was that! My husband’s job before he recently retired was in the computer dept of a huge company so he knows a lot about computers. When I showed him the screen that showed “problems” he said that Any computer would show some of them.

    Today I received another such call, but he said he was from Windows. When I asked the name of his company her said Live Windows Help at 99 5th Avenue, Ontario, Ottawa – LOL – he put the province ahead of the city!

    I wonder what they would do if they ‘hooked up’ with our computers. I suspect (the most innocent of disturbing possibilities) that they might install something that would cause some problems & then tell us to simply call them if we encountered any problems in the future!

  22. WOW! I have heard from them twice in Texas! The first time…I did as you did Darran and played stupid…I even asked if he worked with Bill (he said yes!). I asked him to add me to do not call list and reported through FTC.
    So, the second time- I just did not have time to mess with it..so instead of just hanging up, I said Windows? I have a Linux machine DEAD SILENCE!! and then he said, oh, then you don’t need this.
    I feel so sorry for the innocent people who are really clueless about tech and fall for this!

  23. Yeah this all sounds very familiar! I guess it’s the UK’s turn now. I was suspicious from the start but curious to see where it was going, after being passed to a senior manager and mocked for using free anti-virus software I quite gleefully told them there was no way I could afford £89 pounds for a licence that hadn’t actually ran out.

  24. Hi Darran, thanks for posting this. I am also residing in SG,.they called my wife when i was at work, and they called back after i came back from work. I don’t your patience, so i got the guy to tell me to go to hell because i just dont believe that his name is Henry. I’ll make sure his boss hear about his bad manners the next time they call :D.

  25. Brilliant, just got the call and I’m in South Africa in Johannesburg. Exact same scripting less OMG’s but they same in essence. I have a MSDN subscription and we are a Gold Microsoft partner, so I knew it was shite the moment she pointed me to the event viewer and then told me they have my details on the world routing system. I registered my details when I installed windows, which was done with my company details and not my personal details.

    Big serving of epic with that fail.

  26. The exact same thing happened to me 3 days ago. My laptop has had some problems with viruses, so I installed Norton. I was a bit concerned how they got my husband’s number etc. I did everything they asked….even bought the software they offered. It was around 10:30 and I just couldn’t get rid of an awful feeling I was getting. Luckily for me, I paid via PAYPAL (a must have) and put in a dispute claim through and explained how I though it was a scam etc. and by the next morning, I received an e-mail from Paypal stating that they have contacted the company and that the money ($130) was refunded to my account. Today, when I checked my bank account, the money is where it should be. Apart from the nagging feeling what confirmed it for me was….the next day I received an e-mail from these guys that claimed to be Windows Support and it was singed of Michael Jordan (the first time) and then Mackeal Jhordan the second….lol….bloody idiots. And I just had to take the opportunity (since I had their e-mail address) to tell them what @#$holes that really are.

  27. Just put the phone down on a similar call. I’m in the NW of England and got a call addressing me as “Mr Simon”, telling me that my computer had been “sending error messages”.

    Twigged it was a scam from the start, so I strung him along by insisting that he tell me specifics about me, my computer details, the messages, etc. He kept telling me that virus checkers and anti-trojan software wouldn’t detect the “infection”. I’m sitting behind a NAT & firewall, running AVG and Spybot, all regularly checked and updated, so I believe I’m reletively secure.

    He hung up after I got a little annoyed and asked who he was and where he was calling from.

  28. Fantastic
    Word for word.
    Much fun, loved it.
    We got bored after a while but had a laugh.

    If you do get this contact you trading standards. They do look into things once they get enough calls, emails.

  29. i just received a call from these guys, too!
    once they wanted me to to go http://www.support.me, i got suspicious. i started googling the website and found this one. i told the Indian man (named Troy) that i didn’t want to download the file. he gave me their phone number so i could call back when i felt more comfortable. the number is 207-0977-8335. i told him it had too many numbers and he said, “i know, everyone always says that.” when i asked where they were located, he said new jersey.
    thank you for providing this info so i did not get scammed!

  30. These people have been calling us for weeks (in the UK) but have always got through to my husband and he just tells them “my wife will sort it as she’s a programmer” and hangs up on them.
    Last night I actually answered (which I have been looking forward to).. and spend a good twenty minutes playing along to see where it led, playing the dumb user and exclaiming; “Really??!! OMG!” at the appropriate moments!
    When he asked me to type in the code on the support.me page to connect to a MS certified technician I let rip at him..! Hilarious! He got very annoyed with me!

  31. Same thing just happened to my mother. I cut the guy off when I understood that it wasn’t her that called them. They said they weren’t microcosft, but a channel partner and that they were calling her because she had a genuine version of windows 7 and they had detected some issues which were due to some recent virus attacks. I told them I couldn’t believe they were calling all of these users and asked again who was paying for them. I was passed to “Chris Hooper” (a South Asian with an American name) and he tried to convince me some more, supplying phone numbers and an employee ID. If they were a channel partner, why would he have an MS employee ID? Anyway, I politely, but firmly, told him that we were not going to continue until I had verfified it, I hung up and then came to this great blog.
    Thank you, Darren.
    PS They wanted my mum to do something with rundll32.exe and had accessed her computer via Logmein. I’m not sure what the end game was, but very disturbing.

  32. Just had the same in NW England. Got passed through 3 people trying to convince me to go ahead with them. Kept them going for 55 minutes (well I had nothing better to do at the time) Eventually hung up but got the call back 5 minutes later telling me they were going to notify Microsoft that I would not renew licence and that I would no longer have support from them and that my computer would come to a complete halt and it would be my fault not theirs. Didn’t bother answering the 3rd call, had had enough fun for the day. Martin

  33. I’ve just had the same call in New Zealand, they purport to be from calling from 31 Shortland Street, Auckland. When I pressed him for identification he gave me a bogus company name which I told him didn’t exist in NZ, he hung up when I said I’d be calling the police as I believed it was a scam.

  34. Just got a call from “Jordan” with Windows informing me that my computer was sending them error messages. I wasn’t in the mood to play along so I just hung up. We’re a tech company just outside of Seattle, WA. If any of our machines get infected with a virus our standard procedure is to format the hard drive and reinstall the OS. Fortunately no one at my company would fall for this but it’s sad that they’re probably catching enough people to make it profitable.

  35. The support.me scam is just great eh? I believe this could be the start of a new sport. Become a ‘Scammer Jocky’, and see how long you can keep them on the line for. It’s the only way to get at them. Waste their time, and enjoy their frustration. I had one on for 25mins tonight, and when he realised I was taking the piss, he got upset and threatened to inform the Police. Haaaaaaaa, I nearly pissed myself laughing.

  36. They keep calling and calliing so we have just started having fun with them. My wife said she couldn’t see what happened after pressing the Windows+R buttons because she was so beautiful she couldn’t take her eyes off of the mirror long enough to see what happened. Sometimes I just tell them to #@& off, that I am not one of their suckers, but they keep calling back. Has anyone tried a three way call to the police so that they can listen in to the conversation and then let them come on the line stating they are the police? Could be fun.

  37. Conning us is fun for some people and any cash they obtain is a bonus. Sadly his sort of thing will happen more and more. Have reported this particular scam to Microsoft and to the BT telephone company. But they say catching fraudsters is not their job. Only an effort from law enforcement agencies can stop it. Why don’t they do something ?

  38. Just got the call at lunchtime. Heavy Indian accent by the name of Nick Parker. (Nothing suspicious there.) “Windows online support” was the company. http://www.support.me is the web addy they gave.

    I had him going for 10 minutes or so. Screwed him up when I told him I have no windows button, lol. (I do have it.) He tried really hard when I told him that I was leery.

    I did cross him up when I told him that what he was asking me to do had a high likelihood of doing what he said I already had. That took him a few seconds to process, then he started back up from scratch.

    I kept him going until I said that I would take his contact info and check out his story. Then I said that if the info didn’t check out, I obviously wouldn’t be calling. His next words were “Thank you sir, have a nice day.”… click.

    Doublemyspeed.com or any of those that advertise on TV or radio can do the same job. I use cyber defender software from them now. I had a trojan on my computer, which I had suspected, and they caught it and fixed it. I just renew the license for their software annually for $30.00 and I fix the errors daily. Plus I contacted THEM, not the other way around.

    FYI, the trojan I had wasn’t caught be McAffee antivirus.

  39. Just got the call tonight here in Canada. I’m on the do not call list and they firmly stated I was on the “call” list. Got some basic info from them then they pretended they couldn’t hear me and hung up. I will try for a longer time next round. I see 55 min is the bogey…lol

  40. Too funny, I kept the guy on for almost 40 minutes! They had the balls to call again a few weeks later. I was going to do it again but I was going out and didn’t have time. I asked first thing when he said he was Windows Support if he was affiliated with Microsoft and he just repeated he was with Windows Support so I was on to him immediately. I do have some friends that were taken for a few hundred bucks though.

  41. I didn’t get a call (yet) but about 6 emails, all supposedly from the Windows live team, to check the code. I live in the Netherlands. Luckily, i didn’t trust it, so deleted them without even opening them. Lucky me :_

  42. I got a call very similar to the above from a woman with a very heavy Indian accent who walked me through my computer settings and eventually obtained the same error code. Shock! Horror! The number represented the number of viruses on my computer which, luckily for me, they could delete if only i spent £80 on (fake?) software from an unknown company in Bournemouth, UK. They must have thought I was completely stupid!!

  43. was my turn tonight… “Michael” called me, we had an amusing chat for about 20 minutes………… I feel sorry for the people who fall for this crap !

  44. Sadly, my husband has completely fallen for this. He logged into the http://www.support.me and let them have access of our computer after entering a code and a password. They showed some stuff to him while they had control and then asked for payment and he luckily said my wife deals with that suff. I am trying to work out what are the risks with them being logged into our computer for the 5 minutes and what I need to do?

  45. Im in New Zealand at work and I just received this call. He didn’t want to talk to our IT guy so I got very suspicious. Everything he asked me to do I typed it into google instead and all I could see was SCAM scam scam so I told him I thought it was a scam poor bugger insisted it wasn’t. I just told him I ain’t buying what ever he’s selling and that’s it. If my computer crashes it crashes not my problem LOL he told me to have a nice day and hung up.

  46. My experience was very nearly the same as that of the original author. My “tech support guru” however told me how to get to the “windows” by asking if I saw the “C-T-R-L” key and then told me to move to the key next to it. At the end, when he told me to use the run box to go to the web address and I said “I’m not going to do that”, he realized I was just seeing where he was going and said “Thank you very much for your time and patience. F*ck you very much” and hung up.

  47. I got this call last evening, but they even gave me a phone number – one from the U.S. – from Stockton, CA (area code 209)! I still have the phone number because I do plan to report them to the FBI or other agency. I just tried that number again just now and they are still actually answering the phone – “Windows Technical Support”.

    I only played along for a few moments and then went into my, “You want me to give some random person claiming to be a support service access to my computer so you can hack my computer? Have you lost your mind?” (Being a computer consultant, I knew that would get their attention.)

    He went on to tell me that my computer was probably infected. I told him that it wasn’t, but that I was pretty sure that if I gave him access to my computer, it would then become infected and that their scam was not going to work with me.

  48. It happened to me 2 times in Sydney in the last couple of months. I just dragged them along for some 10 min so they are occupied so to make less calls to innocent people and reduce the number of victims. The calls seem to originate from India and they do know my surname and some companies have sold our contacts to these spammers. I suggest every one else who got this call keep them online as long as they can for the sake of reducing their efficiency.

  49. This happened to me in august this year. Not thinking I let him get onto my computer and once he “Shawn” wanted me to buy some program I said no and. Hung up got him off my computer. I have got some more calls and have hung up. Yesterday he called again I said ” stop calling I do not want anything do you speak english stop calling” I hung up and he called again calling me a motherf$$$er and other things. Did not get a number as I donot got caller ID but it’s getting added to my phone. I did a complete check with AVG and my computer is all good. I just hope someone stops them soon

  50. Just got the call; this time from a caller in “Brooklyn” (clearly a call center with Indian accented employees..a far cry from most Brooklyn accents I know…) and had them on the line for about 10 minutes and confirmed the scam by doing a quick online search of The Windows Live Support (that was the web site I was directed too, and i knew it was fake) scam. I hung up. Be careful out there…

  51. Just happened to me. At first I thought it was legit. When my cordless phone died, she even called me back to continue the call. Since I have multiple computers, I asked which one had sent all the error messages to Microsoft (doesn’t that only happen when a program crashes and you give it permission to send info to Microsoft?). She didn’t know which computer it was, just had me look at the event viewer on the laptop I was currently using. She told me all the error messages were viruses that had taken control of my computer, which is weird because my Vipre does a deep scan daily. Then she wanted me to go to a website called http://www.thewindowslivesupport.com. I figured Microsoft wouldn’t put “the” in the website name, nor would they have ads for pc cleanup software on their home screen. When she wanted me to click on “Remote Support,” I asked if she worked for Microsoft. When I said I didn’t think Microsoft would do this, she said, “then just hang up.” So I did. Then I googled “THE windows live support” and got this screen. I’m SO glad I didn’t go along and let them get my info.

  52. I’m in Toronto and got the same kind of call last night. Was suspicious right away. I have protection in place in my computer and it works just fine thank you very much. What a scam. These guys should be shut down.

  53. This just happened to me right now.
    He called my home phone and the caller ID said “Private number”.
    This Indian guy starts to tell me he received a message from my computer and that he works for Windows and my computer is filled with terrible viruses.
    He proceeds to take me through the whole click on Computer thing etc. And then he points out all the Errors and Warnings and he tells me to right-click on them to delete them. There’s no delete button. Then he’s like, “OH MY GOD! Don’t worry m’am! It’s okay. It will be okay. I’m here to help you. Do you have Internet Explorer?”
    He continues to tell me the web site http://www.thewindowslivesupport.com
    By this time I’m getting suspicious, so i type that into the Google search and this site comes up. I was like, yep, I was right.
    So i just hang up on him.
    He calls back. Continues to go on, asking if I pulled up the site.
    I proceed to yell at him. “Stop lying!” I hang up again.
    He calls back. Says, “M’am, your computer is in terrible danger! Quick, you need to go to our support site.”
    I angrily ask, “If you are from Windows and received a message from my computer, what version of Windows do I have?”
    Him, “Uhh… I don’t know, Windows 7?”
    Me, “WRONG!”
    Him, “Please tell me.”
    Me, “No, YOU tell ME. This is a scam. You don’t know my name, Windows version, computer brand, or anything, right?!”
    He stammers something.
    I hang up.

  54. I was doing some work for a client of mine today and he began to describe this incident to me. I knew immediately that it was a scam. They managed to gain remote access to his computer and took him for $250 supposedly selling him AVG. He gave them his credit card number over the phone.

  55. Here in Australia for the past 3 weekdays I have received over 30 calls from Windows Live Support. Ive dealt with these scammers last year and fell for their spiel, following their instructions and allowing them access to control my cursor online from a remote location. I aborted from the transaction before supplying them with my bank or credit card details but according to my computer technician, that access that I facilitated for them resulted in my hard drive being suffering irreparable damage.This time I was ready for the slimy bastards 🙂 I have asked them to stop calling, I have threatened to report them to the federal police, I have informed them that my line is tapped, I have threatened to track him down and mutilate him, I have played the fool and wasted his time, I have told them I am recording their calls, I have advised them I no longer have a computer, and that the person they are asking for was killed in a car accident…..all to no avail. They just keep calling. Now his calls are abusive and threatening. And he is now calling when my young children are most likely to answer the calls. I have contacted my service provider to block the calls to my landline and am told they can not as the calls are coming through a SKYPE type call arrangement. I have contacted my local police as my children are now scared that this weirdo is going to get them as he has said on the phone. My children are now banned from answering our landline. So a warning to all…..seems the only way to stop these bastards is to change your landline number regularly. Whats the freaking world coming too???

  56. Darran,

    Thanks for the post. I’ve been called probably 3 or 4 times with the same setup. Each time, I simply hung up. The last time, I figured I’d play along. They told me to go to the event log & filter for warnings and errors. So I did, and naturally, there was a ton of errors. He instructed me to click on one and try to delete it. But I couldn’t find the delete button. “OH MY GOD, this is worse than we thought. The “wirus” is has deleted your ability to delete it from your system.” But this is simply a logged event, this isn’t the virus itself… He put me on hold and was trying to instruct me to go to particular website. Instead I did a search on Windows Live Support and found this post… I told him many times that I really think he’s simply trying to scam me. After seeing this post I told him to “F” off, get a life and quite trying to steal from people before hanging up.

  57. Just received A call from and INDIAN speaking guy who stated that by computer was infected And that he Was from WINDOWS And the reason for the call was to Inform me that my computer has just reached a level of Infection that would require WIndows to call me to fix. I stated to him that I had my computer for 7 years and never had Windows call Me before to tell me I had A problem. I told them that I would have my Computer man look Into It. He stated that it’s Important to Have fixed quick. He brought up a List in errors And areas that were Infected. After we hung up, I could Not find them. The computer was turned over to me when I got pissed when he stated that they can fix the areas concerned for $450.00. I stated that i was Not going to pay, then it was $150.00. I got doulble pissed and then it was $80.00. I Hung up ang prior to that I to;d them not to call back.

  58. The scam is still operating. Just got the call. Guy with an Indian accent said he was with Windows. When pressed he said it was Windows tech support with Microsoft corp. We looked at the application event log where he told me the warning/error events logged there were viruses and I should delete them, but – GASP! – the delete key doesn’t work! Neither do I have the option on the right-click menu to delete them. Horrors! The “boot-sector” virus is very harmful!

    When he told me to bring up explorer and dictated a URL, I typed it in google search instead to verify what I already knew… phone scam. I told him he was a scammer and hung up. They tried to call back but I didn’t pick up.

  59. Thank you Thank you Thank you for posting this!! I just got this exact same nonsense, quickly googled the phone number, found that it’s a huge scam. Then I googled the title of the scam “windows + r scam” and your blog came up.

    Reading your blog and the numerous responses you’ve recieved, I’d like to, with your permission, tell others about your blog and specifically, the details you’ve uncovered with your wonderfully written blog posting on this scam. Even though you posted this in 2011, it’s clear from the responses to both this blog posting as well as the 800-notes page, that this scammer is not only alive and well, but getting some response from the public that allows them to spend so much time in getting people to feel confident that they’re ‘helping’ you.

    Again, thank you so very much for your blog post. I do hope you’ll consider commenting on 800-notes, and perhaps directing others to this post who might need further instruction as to why this scam can be disasterous.

  60. Just had exactly the same experience. My guy with an accent was “Peter”, very decent, helpful and wanted to help, saying that my computerhad sent error reports and there was a Zeus Trojan in my pc “active right now” and I would lose everything on my hard drive, including banking information. He ran me through the same steps (the windows button and R simultaneously etc.) and when I balked and said I need some proof that he was really from Windows he said he was in Wilmington, Delaware and gave me a toll free number. He said someone else would answer it but I could ask to be re-connected to him. I called it (1-888-218-1777) and it worked, but it was a lady (with the same accent) and she answered “hello” (as if it was in her kitchen). I asked who I had reached and she said Windows Online Support.

  61. Glad you posted this–I, too, was pretty suspicious, b/c I live near MSFT HQ and know people who legitimately work on MSFT Windows. I had never heard of MSFT using a URL with the word “the” in front of it (when I pressed them for proof, they told me to check out http://www.the windowslivesupport.com, but I googled it instead and found your post). The other thing people should be aware of is that MSFT normally charges people for services and it needs to be initiated by you; it would be highly unlikely that they would freely contact people to offer complimentary debugging or computer clean-up services. Heck, when I worked as a contractor at MSFT and needed support help, they charged my manager internally for the service.

  62. I had to laugh when I read the previous comments since instantly I saw the same things said… LOL

    Just got the call myself. I teach computers so I know a little about what to do and what not to do. I was willing to follow along part way. Went through the steps that he stated to view certain items. I had strange feeling when he asked me to do things that I know were not options, and his response was “Oh my God, your system is horribly corrupted and it is preventing you from deleting those items.” He then wanted me to go to a Web site. I was unwilling to do so since it was not a Microsoft Web site, he then wanted me to go to anther with the name of “windows” in the front. I told him again, this domain does not look like a Microsoft Web site, from there I told him if there were issues that Microsoft would get a hold of me. He said that he is Microsoft, I said that the number came up as unknown and that Microsoft is able to contact me if there is an issue. Interesting he had my number, although it could have been a guess on a number. The other thing is I just formatted my dive and did a clean install of windows a week ago. After three years of Windows 7 with no issue, why after a week of a clean Windows 7 am I having problems…. Go Figure…. I am willing to risk that I am shutting down a true Microsoft person although I don’t think he was. If there are any problems I will just reinstall Windows 7 and my software again. I am ok with that….

  63. I received one of these last night. I guessed it was a scam. The indian guy’s english was so bad that he made no sense at all.

  64. so if they install it for u and such and then they tell u to buy the software by directing u to a application to input ur banking information can they sue u for not buy their product after they alrdy gave it to u? i said “ok….” to the price and they assumed i wanted it. so they did their thing, which i was very uncomfortable with, remote controlling my computer. i got very disturbed so i system restarted. can i get in trouble for not paying them? help a anxiety person out lol.

  65. I got a call from guy in California, Indian accent. Name was Wayne Jack. Called them back to verify who they were, now they were in India… I got frustrated with them…unfortunately fell for it. Now have to recover. They keep calling, but I will have a good reply for them next time.
    Do not fall for this scam!

  66. Hi, I have just come across this site nd thinking mine is the same problem. since yesterday i cannot access my hotmail (pretty sure its hacked) i have gone through security but still cant remember one of the answers as im certain i didn’t put down that specific question. after being rather frustrated and angry as i need my email for urgent things, ic alled a helpline number where some indian man told me (after asking for name and DOB) that my computer had been spammed and he had to run diagnostics and then the solution would require me paying £99 – at whic point i was like ‘hell no’!!! and put the phone down as im aware hotmail dont work like this.

    does anyone now how i am able to retrieve my hotmail account?!

    any help much appreciated

  67. I’ve just received a call from someone, “Sam” — which wasn’t very believable, with an extremely thick Indian accent claiming to call Live Windows or Windows Live from Tampa, Fla. The call came in on my cell as restricted When asked if he was with Microsoft he said, “No”. I asked for a call back number he gave 1-855-262-1262.

    The essence of his message, at least what I could glean, is that I was receiving the call as my computer had been sending out error message for quite some time indicating that someone else had control of it or something like that.

    I called back and got “Keenan Williams”, who also was in Tampa, Florida and had a immensely thick Indian accent. He explained that my computer was sending error messages to Microsoft. The are calling me because they traced my IP address – but I use a VPN on my home computer. He explained the call is to make me aware, help me out. He said he can provide the Licensing ID to prove it. When proceeding to help me, he did not know I don’t have a Start button, I’m using Windows 8. So then he told me to press the Windows key and R. I refused and kept questioning this to see if there is any chance it’s a real problem and so he said that he’d have someone call me back. Not holding my breath for that call.

  68. Got the call today on Prince Edward Island, Canada. I played along for about 30 minutes, playing dumb and not understanding why I couldn’t get “iexplore http://www.support.me” to work while I googled this. This guy was much better than the last one a few months ago, barely any accent, no VOIP feedback, and no call center background noise. He kept checking if I was still there. 🙂

    Eventually I got bored and answered, I’m just googling support.me to see what kind of scam this is. Is this one identity theft? How many do you need to do an hour? He seemed a little put off, muttered that it wasn’t a scam, and I hung up.

    Last call trace came back with 1-800-800-8100, which unsurprisingly did not ring when dialled.

  69. I got the same phone call yesterday – asked for the guy’s name and telephone number so I could call him back to verify that he’s a Windows live support employee (knowing full well he wasn’t). Said his name was “Jack Anderson” telephone number -1-302-956-9427. I proceeded to call the number a few times just to annoy them…..asked for Jack and actually someone put the same guy back on the phone…..After I gave him the run around for awhile he said “can I ask how old you are?” I said “no you cannot Jack…..can I ask how old you are?” He says “yes I am 31” then asked my age again – I said “what on earth does my age have to do with supposedly trying to fix my computer?” He says “because you have a lovely voice and I think I’m falling in love with you” I said “you might not be so in love with me when I report your name and telephone number to the police Jack because no Windows employee would ever say that.

  70. MeToo! I just got a call with the same scenario. He had called earlier in the day and I was busy. At first I thought he was trying to sell me new windows. When I told him I had dual pane windows and was happy with them he laughed and went into his spiel. I couldn’t understand him and he was getting frustrated with me (meanwhile I found this site). I had him on the phone for about 20 min(he was calling from Texas) and I told him this was a scam. He said no,no and I told him not to call back. Although I yelled at him ,I apolagised for taking up his time!

  71. Just hung up from “the call” … Knew before answering it was some type of marketing call (these are for the most part the only long distance calls I get) after his first sentence my scamdar was flashing :-). Sheesh…anyway kept the bugger on for nearly 45 minutes. Even got him annoyed when he said hit ok…I pretended I typed in O and K and said nothing happened. got him to keep repeating the letters to type in the command prompt. Told him my pot was boiling over…hold on…bugger actually held on. Mr Senior Technician …had him going too. Told him I couldn’t hear him over all that noise in the background….kept saying Hello …helllooo…. finally he hung up.

    fwiw…my caller was Allen Victor (2 first names a dead give away) 201-285-2034 he said he was calling from Florida and used their info and yellow pages to get hold of me. Why you need to use yellow pages I asked if you got my info…amateurs. Say Hi to him for me if you happen to speak to him. Next such call I get I will do a reverse takeover and ask them if they have received Christ as their Lord and Savior.

  72. I did a google search on this scam while the Indian guy was talking to me. After being on the phone for about 10 minutes (I asked him to hold while I answered the door 🙂 He asked me to read something back to him. I told him I couldn’t because I hadn’t typed it because I knew this was a scam.

    Then I asked him how he could feel good about himself doing something like this for a living as surely he knew what he was doing was illegal. He told me to “F*&! myself”. To which I replied that not only was he doing something illegal, but now he had to use profanity? His mother would be horrified. At that point he hung up.

    I had a good time. Hope I ruined his day. Love doing this to ripoff artists. Might not make a difference, but maybe some day it will give some lowly telemarketer something to think about.

  73. This happen to me today. I don’t know why I bought into it and then told him I had some things to take care, that he would have to call back I expecting that call at 5pm Pacific time which is in twenty minutes.

  74. Being a computer moron I unfortunately fell for this the other day(I’m in the UK) & gave him access to my computer, as soon as they asked for money I refused & they hung up. The problem is they have completely licked me out of my computer & I can’t even get back into it in safe mode, is there anyone who can help me with this or is my computer f&£@”&d? Any help would be appreciated!

  75. I just got the call…exactly as the original note from Darran. Interesting that the name given were the same. However, I insisted on calling them back. They gave me the number 205-377-0790 and was told to ask for Chrissy. When I Googled “Windows Live Support” there was a toll-free number. The guy who answered knew I had just gotten off the phone with Chrissy and also told me the ‘service’ was going to cost $249. I declined and told them I would call them back if I could not figure it out. The troubling thing is that looks like an actual Microsoft function. I wonder if they have sanctioned it?

    1. I only spent 90 seconds with the guy, because we’ve had previous calls. They knew a lot, but none of the important stuff. My husband and I never let them have remote control, and this is when they start to get pissy with you. This time I just asked for his supervisors name and work number, and surprise, surprise… it’s Caroline Barbara at … drum roll please… 205-377-0790. (The same number you got for “Chrissy”.) Never let these people near your computer remotely. It’s the worst mistake you can make. You initiate contact with Microsoft, not the other way around, and they don’t know what your computer downloaded. The messages their showing you from your computer, belong on your computer. They are part of a log, not viruses. If they try to call again, and my prior history says they will, try telling them you don’t have a computer. Or that you have a Mac, or even better yet, ask them which one has a problem, because you have many. Ask them, after all, they called you about the problem. If you don’t get hung up on, they will not give you a straight answer, because they can’t. Would Microsoft do that?

  76. Hi everyone, I CANNOT BELIEVE this has been going on this long. It’s crazy. The funny thing is, that the ONLY place these people could’ve gotten my phone # is from Skype. My Dad had JUST given me his old laptop, he cleared EVERYTHING off of it, and put me on the registry and everything as the sole owner of it, the computer had NOT been used except when he loaded the windows 7, then he set up a Skype account for me so we could Skype, he mistakenly left my profile on PUBLIC, and then these idiots called me. I knew for a fact there were no problems because I hadn’t used the damn thing yet. I asked him who he worked for and he said the I.T. department, and I asked WHO’S I.T. department??? He just kept saying that his company “used” to help people all the time with their computer problems. I was like WHAT-EVER gotta go now!

  77. Man, just got this call and right before he asked me to connect with a ‘live trained technician’ i got suspicious and did some googling. Luckily I found your article, and started asking him more specific questions like “which version of windows am i running” etc. He kept trying to change the topic, so I told him to eat shit and die.

  78. Hey all! My two cents worth…the exact same basic scenario just happened to my husband and I. We knew it was a scam, but played along with the caller, from “My Windows Support”, with a heavy Indian accent, who wanted us to share our computer online, through http://www.ammyy.com and got really huffy when we refused (yeah, right…like I’m going to let an unknown person have access to my computer :). Think it through, folks. You wouldn’t let anyone just enter your house…don’t let ANYONE have online access to your computer unless you have initiated the contact.

  79. I got the call today for the second time( was ready and did my home work, and I knew he will call again). I told the man with the Indian accent, that I know its a scam. ha ha …… then he started whispering F*** *** in a gentle way over and over. I said I don’t need to do with him, and I have done enough as a result I have 4 kids…..he hung up 🙂

  80. Saturday, December 7th I got a call from Peter who told me he was from Windows and what was wrong with my computer. Since I am having troubles with my computer, I told him the problems. When I asked Peter for a phone number to contact him, he said he would call the tek. Also told me he is in Brooklyn, but I detected a Philippine or Indian note to his speech. “I can have a technician out tomorrow.” Asked him to call the computer technician who is helping me with my problems. When he called back Sunday, he said that he had called that number five times and no answer. I talked to my technician and he told me he did not get a single call. Sunday he told me to go to Walmart and get Green.money bak voucher for $200. The Windows technician will be here (?) sometime today, December 9th. My technician told me this was a scam. Can’t wait to talk to Peter today and tell him what I think of him and his company.

    Since reading about this scam above, I noticed that Windows apparently is doing NOTHING about this.

    1. 2014 and they’re still going strong. Moved their HQ to Liverpool, England! Feel sorry for all the genuine Nick Williams’s and Christine Dawson’s out there. Very credible IT names. Quite enjoyed the chat as I was having my coffee. Need to get out more! Happy New Year everyone.

  81. Hi and Happy New Year,

    Oh yes, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water….they’re baaaacccckk. and, unfortunately, I’m an idiot. This time it wasn’t Windows, Microsoft, none of that. It was AOL.

    Every time I attempted to read my AOL mail today I kept getting a msg that I was not logged into AOL. I was on my laptop, in NJ, visiting my son. Poor guy, has me as a mom. Who needs enemies after having me as a houseguest? Read on…

    I have a room here and bring my laptop with me. Because I wanted to determine whether it was AOL that was the problem or my computer I took the liberty of using my son’s computer in his office and was able to attempt to sign in to AOL. But, after I put in my name and password I received a msg (not verbatim but what I can recall) “your computer is temporarily locked due to suspicious activity. Call AOL support at 855-704-1391.” SO I DID!! DUH…feel such a jerk now. Never thought I’d be that dumb.

    So, I get that ‘feeling’ that something is wrong and oh boy…when you get a feeling, go with it. I KNEW something was fishy but I think we oldies have been ingrained with that ‘be polite’ attitude, so, I was.

    I did say. “Whom am I calling?” and he, Harry, with a very heavy Indian accent, answered,” AOL…you called us.” And he then said he was technical support and that I was to give him remote access and, can’t believe I’m saying this, I did…and on someone elses’ computer. Arrghhh

    It dawned on me…wait, I’m not on MY computer..this is my son’s computer…after I had typed in the http://www.support.me and also put in the code to allow him access. I blurted that out to him and he said to me, calmly, “Oh no, I must have access to YOUR computer to determine the problems.” Now, in my defense…ok, I am almost 70..maybe lost a bit of gray matter, he had all of my info…my name address, phone number..I was expecting him to quote my bra size next…he had everything. Oh, and he was VERY nice to me and very polite. I, in turn was very nice to him.

    He showed me all he was doing, told me that he was going to google the malware so I could see what had happened, google came up and I read that this was a backdoor malware program etc etc…he scared me good, telling me it was MUCH worse than a virus and I had 2 options…don’t worry, he’d help. And so… I was wild about Harry…thanking him for saving me, ad nauseum. He must have gone home and gotten a great laugh out of me.

    My first option was to go to Best Buy or Office Depot and they could fix this for me for about $500 and possession of my computer for about 5 to 7 days. I exclaimed that my computer only cost that much and said I’d rather buy a new one and he told me that I could never…that all of the malware would be on my new computer. OK, so by this time I did realize that this was BS…but…I also realized he had me good, he was in possession of every bit of info on my computer and I had no idea what he wanted to do with it. So, I was nice, really nice and said to him, in an old lady voice choked with emotion…”Oh my Harry, I can’t afford that.” and he, the wonderful Harry, said to me, “Ms, not to worry. The second option is that our tech support can fix it and that is much cheaper. $299.00.” When I balked at that he said to me, “Oh, are you 65 or over?” and I said, “Yes, yes, do I get a discount?” and he answered, “You do. For you the price is only $199.00.” BINGO…when that price keeps dropping even these old eyes see scam. (Wait, that’s not all!! LOL)

    So, I blubbered a bit and told Harry that I didn’t have that kind of money and that I didn’t have a credit card but I would borrow my son’s card and would call him back. He gave me the number 855-704-1390 extension 303. That was at 2:15 this afternoon. I hung up and called my son to speak to him about what had happened.

    and that’s when the fight started…well, my son went ballistic…can’t believe I would fall for that and on and on but, when he found out that I had allowed ole Harry access to HIS computer steam came from his ears. Told me he’d see me when he got home. I was more scared of when his wife would come home. I am, after all, a mother-in-law!

    So, my son comes home, and gets on my computer to run a scan and he sees, on my screen, that operator #2 attempts to obtain control of my computer at 5:15 PM…three hours later! ‘Remote control attempted by operator. Failed.’ Then he relinquished control of my computer. In my son’s office, he was still on the dialogue box that had been on the screen since 2:15. I wrote, “Goodbye Harry” and it said, in turn, “Operator signed off.”

    My son did a few scans, checked what he could to the best of his abilities, had me change all of my passwords, ran the Microsoft Safety Scan (thanks for that) found no virus but I couldn’t get back online. Wouldn’t give me internet access. My DIL came home and she couldn’t get internet on her laptop, I don’t know if they did anything or if it was a coincidence but when they rebooted their computer connections all of the computers worked.

    So, I have broken up with Harry…we’re no longer talking…I don’t think he was even “remotely” interested in me..and I’m hoping he didn’t give me some kind of virus to remember him by.

    My questions: Do I need to see a computer doctor? Do you think Harry was just looking for a quickie (buck that is?) or is he in it for the long haul..meaning, will he pop up again, in the future? Am I safe or do I need to keep checking?

    TARGET has helped me out in some way; they should have since they’ve compromised my information. Today I received an email from them telling me I have free identity theft protection for a year, so, I’ll take it and maybe that will help keep Harry and his ilk from stealing my identity…though I don’t know why they’d want it. Harry sounded young and fit and strong and a heck of a lot smarter than I, so, yes, he can have my identity…I’ll travel in India for awhile.

    Thanks for your help…I needed it!

  82. I was have trouble with a new Canon printer. I googled the Canon printer number on my pc and the phone number 1 855-704-1391 was on one of the Google search result lines so I called it for help. The “lady” with the East India accent had me go to Support.Me and I put in the code she gave me. She took over my computer but I had used my MacBook Pro. She told me my server was corupted and that I should change all my banking passwords. I started to feel like something was not right. She showed me definitions from the Web of Trojan and svchost.exe using a Google search and a Uniblue Website. I found the real Canon support number a call it from another phone. The lady that answered told me to x out to the online support which I did. After reding the comments above I don’t think I am in trouble, but I am leaving this post for anyone else with a similar experience to read.

  83. Yes, definitely idiots, and most assuredly still at it. The first call was about 4 months ago. There have been two or three since then. That first time my husband played along for a awhile until the voice on the other end of the phone wanted administrative control of the computer. He let it go that far because he was astonished at the amount of correct information they had on us, but then he shut it down. We both have engineering degrees and understand how the computer and internet work. Today I was in no mood, and told the thickly-accented, fellow to stop calling us. He had the audacity to claim that they had never called before. He gave me a bogus supervisors name and work number. I’m sure its all part of it. Caroline Barbara at 205-377-0790. Who knows? We’re in Arizona, so this scam knows no bounds! I’d love to report it, but to who? There’s no control here, so the best thing is to hang up and live to fight another day.

  84. March 22 2014

    So I type this with a red face knowing I really messed up – it was a great Saturday morning – hanging out – reading my email when about 5 minutes after I logged out I get a phone call from an Indian accented man asking if I was just on the computer. It freaked me out – how did he know my phone # and how did he know I was on the computer??!! He never identified himself – the company he was working for – where he was located – but I saw that he called from a Denver phone # – I live in Longmont which is about 25 minutes north of Denver. He finally told me his name was Stephen Clark and he worked for a company who contracts with Microsoft – he told me he detected viruses on my computer – me being the fool I am allowed him to access the computer remotely – the next thing I know he tells me the license to Windows has expired and I need to renew it. He gives me 1, 2 year options and then the $270 life time option for any and all my computers. I already had a sick feeling in my stomach but I started drilling him with questions and telling him he was a fraud – I told him no to buying anything and he told me to have a, “happy jihad!” Long story short he shut my computer down completely – he had me by the neck! Since then I have not used the computer. Has anyone taken any action or had any problems with these people since???

  85. Thanks for the page Darran. Sorry you got hit Denise. Apparently CO is their target. I’m in Loveland and just got a call from them. Their number was 937-250-0254. Ohio. Sorry to sound so awful but most Ohioans don’t sound Indian. Call center or no call center. When he figured I was playing him he became belligerent. Again, these SCUM claim to be Microsoft Support. Also claimed they knew my computer CID number and could take care of ALL of my computers at once.

    Darran I love you playing with the dope. I’m rolling on the floor.

  86. I live north of Seattle. This Indian guy called me and said from their control center they realized my computer was infected and it would crash soon.
    “What do you see on your computer”
    —- I don’t know, lots of things on a big picture.
    —- Oh yes, is that what they are?
    “Do you see the key that says C-T-R-L?”
    —- Ummmm, could you spell that again? …
    We went on like that for awhile, with me laughing away from the phone,
    it was fun. Eventually he wanted me to “type i-e-x-p-l-o-r-e” into my run command box. Believe me, it took us a long time to get to this point. But I was getting bored.
    I told him, “well, I have to go now and make supper.”
    “But your computer will crash in 70 hours !!!” he pleaded with me. Pleaded with me.
    I said “No, I don’t think so, I have it mounted firmly on my desk table. So I don’t think it will crash down anytime soon.”
    Anyway, he said it was 5 am there in India, and he’d been working for 2 hours already. And now I really have to go make supper. Best of luck to everyone.

  87. Ronald
    May 26th 8:15 pm

    I received a call this evening from what I thought to be an Indian sounding person. He started the conversation stating that my computer is infected. And I started to play along , he said are you sitting in front of your computer and I said yes, he said what do you see , and I said my screen and my icons. I said how did you get my phone # and then he said that he was from Windows Microsoft Tech Support and was able to give me my full address and unit # which I found very disturbing. I gave an excuse that someone was calling on the other line and said he would hold so I hung up and he called back and asked me why I hung up on him and I said I just clicked over and was trying to convince me of a problem with my computer , however I felt uneasy about it. So I hung up again and this J–kass called back again for the third time. What do you want , he said click on your start button and what do you see and I said programs and so forth. He said do you see the run button and I said no, and kept demanding that it was there and its not there on my new system its only 2 years old so he asked what button is next to my ctrl button on the left lower corner of my keyboard , and I said a windows button and he said that’s right . Then he said hold the windows button down and press the R key and Run will be displayed and type in the letters EVENT VWR which I was not willing to do because something didn’t seem right and then I asked him what he is selling and he said nothing and then I thought why are you calling me and why do you care whether or not that my computer is working . So I said I had to take an important phone call and he said I’ll hold I SAID YOU CAN CALL ME BACK IN 15 MINUTES THE SAME WAY YOU HAVE FOR THE PAST THREE TIMES the man at times was also very rude and condescending. Well its been about 2 hours I haven’t heard from him (thank GOD) I guess he will work on the next victim. But I was still a little concerned so I went to Google and typed in What happens when you hold down the Windows key and press the R key and this blog site came up which I am very thankful for and after reading many responses I felt relieved that I did not fall for this Scam and the Video in the beginning was hysterical. I could not stop laughing. My hats off to you also Darran Boyd HAVE A GREAT DAY ………..
    Thanks Ronald.

  88. I just got the call. This is so annoying. I got their phone number from *69. Not sure if our attorney general’s office can do anything about it.

  89. I will admit to falling for it! LOL I did not pay to buy their stuff because I already have Norton Security. They were upset and said that wasn’t enough. They called me 3 times afterward, very annoying and the script is the same.

  90. I was having problems and called them when I saw they were Apple support and he went through all the same issues that were wrong with my computer. When I said I had to go, he started deleting items off my computer before I could disconnect from the internet. I decided to do a complete wipe of my hard drive just in case he dumped a virus on me. I wish there was a way to put these guys away and they have multiple sites and bogus locations for their offices in the US.

  91. They are still at it! Just got a call this afternoon, told him to call me back after 6 this evening….. same script as most of the above.

  92. These yahoo’s are still at it….I’ve been called almost every day for the last 30 days. The first call started out with somebody telling me my computer was sending them messages. Really? I didn’t know that was possible, but go on….we’re from windows tech support….who? who are you? I’ve never heard of you……all the way to the end of the call, when I asked to be removed from their list, and they told me it was ILLEGAL because they are tech support not telemarketing. Tell that to my husband, the lawyer…..sheesh….today…we got to the windows key and r, because I thought…Ok…if you don’t stop calling, we’ll play the game. I’m just going to start hanging up. There’s no real fun here anymore.

  93. Today, after been called by these scammers for at least 10 times in the last 2 months, I had some free time, so I decided to play along. By the way, I live in the Netherlands. I guess they’re expanding their “field of work”.

    My experience was the nearly the same as the article above. I only asked him for my IP address, but he didn’t know of course, which reassured me it was a scam.

    Obviously, I also refused to push enter after the “www.support.me”

    Since I had already been talking to him for about 45 minutes, he was not amused and all threads you can think of, came out of his mouth.

    He sounded like coming from India and spoke not too bad English. He was also located in a busy call centre. I guess the things he told me came from a script, but since I talked about 45 minutes with him I had the opportunity to push him into discussions that were beyond the script and I must say he had some knowledge of computers.

    So, I must say I’m really surprised that this scamming business has become this professional. I guess today there are enough people in India that are good enough educated to do it and telephone calls to Europe are cheap enough to support this nonsense.

    I hope this will soon be a thing of the past. Maybe in a few years there will be many real call centres in India, to give us real support. Better for us and better for them.

  94. They are still going strong. I saw on me caller Id
    this is the fourth time they have called. She wanted me to turn on my computer and I told her I wasn’t turning it on for anyone. I was going to talk to my IT son first. So glad I saw this online from my I pad. I was scared to use the computer. Thinking I am safe now. Looks like they have been doing this for awhile

  95. Well, I’ve now had the pleasure of receiving the call (s) from the “Windows support team” and, after reading these comments, realise that it’s a scam that has been around for a while. A family member informed me about a phone call from the Windows team, when I got back from work. I’ve never had contact with anyone from windows and, initially, wondered what the problem might be. If it was serious enough to call personally AND on a number I hadn’t, to my knowledge, given to Windows, then it must be important. He called back and gave pretty much the same information as everyone else here was given. He wanted me to put my PC on. I told him I wasn’t going to do it because I was busy. He said he’d call back later. He did. Same thing. I told him I wasn’t interested in any virus my computer had and the line went dead. Today…a week or so after the previous calls, he phoned again and caught the same family member. She explained that she didn’t understand about computers and passed it to me. He told me they’d inspected the (whatever it was) and my system didn’t have a virus but malicious files, which could be worse than a virus. I said that I didn’t care and that I’d throw my computer in the bin, which caused him to ask me, angrily, if I wanted my Windows licence taken away. I told him to do what he had to do. I started saying that I spoke to someone about this… The last words were threats about taking my licence away. I was lucky. After the first day, I googled it. I’m glad I did, even if it only confirmed what I suspected. The worse thing is that the member of my family they spoke to first, couldn’t put the PC on…. She was TRYING to, that first day!!…I’m glad she didn’t know how. That’s why they tried to speak with her again. What I read, by googling, was that you will not be cold-called by Windows. Everyone should know about this. I intend to make as many people aware of it as possible. I’m also wondering if anything has ever happened to the scam callers. It seems not.

  96. This guy has been calling my grandma for months about her computer, so I looked this up while I was on the phone with him and pretended to be in the cpu. I told him my phone was dying after about 10 minutes and he asked when he could call me back and I said never, I’m just teasing you I know this is a scam!… He says BECAUSE YOU ARE A FUCKER… A MOTHER FUCKER!! 😂 hahahaha

  97. Had this kind of call today. Messed with the guy for over 15 minutes. Strong Indian accent, said his name was Andrew, working in NY, gave me an employee number. Very willing to stay on the line for a very long time. My kids had their mouths hanging open because they could not believe I was so direct with a stranger on the phone. I googled each thing I was told to do to check it out and this blog came up. When asked what I saw on my screen, I read to him the titles of all the articles calling him a scam. I was laughing my head off. I told him to stop lying to people, and have a good day. He treated me like a complete idiot. While I may not be super savvy, my husband is a software engineer, so I pick up a little by way of living with him.

  98. In Jan of 2014 I posted here because of this very scam. They had frozen my computer, I guess taken it hostage, until I would agree to purchase their software. I did not and, after about 8 hours, they released my computer and I thought I would never hear from them again.

    A few days ago they called and I told them to bug off, hung up on them and went back to what I was doing on the computer. They again locked my computer though I had NOT given them access as I stupidly did in 2014. Nothing would work, I was in the middle of my tax return and freaking.

    I didn’t even have the ability to log off so I just shut the computer, went and watched a movie and came back later that night. They apparently got tired of waiting so did, finally, release my computer.

    I am wondering how, if I didn’t give them any code, didn’t interact with them and didn’t speak to them and typed nothing in for them, how did they again take my computer hostage???

  99. Got the same, but I knew the scam. He told me to press Windows+R. Told him I couldn’t get into my PC as some bar steward had put a password on it. He told me he could fix that, but there would be a charge. £ 230 for a lifetime. I told him OK, let’s go for it. He asked me if I could pay by Visa etc. I told him I do not have any bank cards as I always pay online by transfer. I told him I could pay online, but I couldn’t get into my PC. He then asked my email. I asked him why he needed my email, he said it was for verification. I gave my email MIKE.HUNT@???. Good so far. He asked my address so he could send a technician round. I gave this address. THE COCKWELL INN, TILLET, HERTS. He asked what house number, I told him it was a pub, so no number. I said I could pay cash to the technician when he visits, but he told me technicians were not allowed to receive cash. Each time he calls me, I tell him I am serving a customer so could he ring back. LOL

    Obviously £ 230 will not cover the airfare from India.

  100. These no good bums are relentless. Yesterday my google search on iPhone showed a message that my search was blocked due to invasion of a serious threat on my network: that I should call Apple immediately at (888) 959-0097 for resolution of this threat. Strange that the voice on the other side was familiar, the same Indian who has been calling to “solve my computer problems” in excess of 4 years. This time he was representing Apple and Microsoft together for Technical support.
    In short, he went through the theatrics of showing me over 41,000 errors and warnings on my computer, but when I would not consent to online payment for “3 Yr Network Security: $339.99 and 1 Yr Network Security for $169.99” his demeanor changed and became the same old Indian I knew so well. I kept him online for nearly an hour to waste his time as he has wasted my time for so long. These bastards are relentless and can not be prosecuted. They have been under investigation by many agencies, but for years the have avoided prosecution. If anyone knows a way with this pestering menace, I would appreciate the help.

  101. I got the first call two years ago, and then the second one few months after ( during the conversation I asked how he is getting error messages from my desktop to his live windows support, when I have Mac? He hung up right away ).The same old Indian accent called me today an hour ago. This time he pretends to be a fake company call “GEEK SUPPORT” for Mac 800-8456565.
    So we need to pay attention as they expect us to get confused with “GEEK SQUAD” serves for Mac. I also got so confused for few seconds as I need to renew my GEEK SQUAD in 2 weeks…!

    1. I just got the call but I was on him like flies on s*** from the get go because I installed ZoneAlarm extreme security suite. If you ever have a problem put that on your computer they will give you the full blown version for 30 days and all you need is it for an hour to fix your computer no matter how bad the infection is it will clear it up dangler instantly in the amount of time it takes to download install and run the program it is an awesome program it’ll cost you 0 instead of $199 that these fake people ask for to remove their virus to put on your computer and the $99 or $149 that actual Microsoft asks you to spend if you’re not under warranty. I think its so funny how he started stuttering and tripping over his words when I told him that I had a call recorder on my phone to record it on my phone calls he was not happy about it and then when I ask him where he was located it took him a good 10 seconds to come up and say oh Washington DC. That’s hilarious since that’s not were the main Microsoft building is ridiculous

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